Emmet County Engineer's Office
    Secondary Roads Department
    Emmet County Courthouse
    609 1st Avenue North
    Suite #4
    Estherville, IA 51334

    Phone: 712-362-4846

    Emmet County Engineer
    Walter Davis-Oeth

    Assistant to the Engineer
    Dan Burton

    Construction Technician
    Alex Ewen

    Office Manager
    Allison Fisher

    Maintenance Superintendent
    Travis Fredericksen

    The Emmet County Secondary Roads Department has responsibility for over 644 miles of paved, gravel, and dirt roads. This does not include the 53 miles of primary roads in Emmet County that are the responsibility of the Iowa Department of Transportation, nor the municipal streets in Emmet County. The Secondary Roads Department lays gravel, grades roads, plows snow, places signs and maintains the road right-of-way, including drainage tiles within the right-of-way. The department also maintains many culverts and bridges within the county, and oversees their design and replacement when necessary.

    The County Engineer, who is the head of the Secondary Roads Department, issues permits for the following:

    *New driveways and entrances onto county roads,
    *Utilities to be constructed in the right-of-way,
    *Right-Of-Way encroachment,
    *Overweight and oversize moving.

    The Secondary Roads Department has maintenance shops in various locations around the county (Estherville, Armstrong, Ringsted, Wallingford, Dolliver and Gruver) and is headquartered on the first floor of the Emmet County Courthouse in Estherville.

    Contact Information

    Emmet County Engineers Office
    609 1st Avenue North
    Estherville, IA 51334
    Phone: (712)362-4846

    Office Hours:

    8:00 am - 4:30 pm, Monday - Friday

    Click to view or download an application for a Do Not Spray Sign permit

    The County Engineers Office Can Be Called To:

    Report road problems

    Report problems with traffic control signs or signals. After office hours, please contact the Emmet County Sheriff, 362-2639 to report downed stop signs or broken traffic signals

    Request information regarding maps, elevations, aerial photos, land surveying and right-of-way

    Questions regarding road or bridge construction

    For building permit information call Emmet County Planning & Zoning at (712)362-2609.

    Questions about wells and septic systems - call the Emmet County Public Health Community Services at (712) 362-2490.

    Permit Links

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    [Do Not Spray Sign Permit] [Driveway Permit Form] [ Shared Driveway Permit Form]