Emmet County Mental Health
    Emmet County Courthouse
    609 1st Avenue North
    Suite #5
    Estherville, IA 51334

    Phone: 712-362-2452
    Fax: 712-362-7835

    Mental Health Coordinator: Judy Tangen
    (In Iowa Code this position is titled Central Point of Coordination.)

    Beginning in the 1994 legislative session, a number of laws were enacted whose purpose was to significantly increase state funding of mental health/mental retardation/developmental disabilities (MH/MR/DD) services and provide the parameters under which the counties must manage the system.  The primary purposes of this legislation was to provide property tax relief, and to improve the county's management of the system through requiring counties to hire qualified staff, develop a system of accountability and control by funders, improve the planning process by increasing stakeholder involvement, and to improve the coordination of services and assure the appropriateness of services that are authorized for public funding.  Counties are required to submit their policies and procedures and strategic plan for their system to the director of the Department of Human Services for approval.  The plans must identify how the county plans to implement the following elements:  planning, identifying a provider network and contracting for services, determination of eligibility, funding authorization, service monitoring and coordination, service and cost tracking and evaluation, and quality assurance.  Each county is required to establish a central point of coordination (CPC) process (also referred to as the single point of entry process), and employ a qualified CPC administrator.  In Emmet County these functions are carried out by the Mental Health Coordinator.

    Copies of the policies and procedures and strategic mental health plan are available by request at the mental health office or click on the links below.

    Strategic Plan

    Policies and Procedures Manual

    Income Limits

    CPC Application Form (Appendix A)

    Income Defined (Appendix B)

    Notice of Decision (Appendix F)

    2007 Annual Report

    2008 Annual Report