Emmet County Veterans Affairs

Emmet County Veterans Affairs

Emmet County Courthouse
609 1st Avenue North
Suite #5
Estherville, IA 51334
ph: 712-362-7431

cell: 712-209-1829

Emmet County VA:
Deb Tietje


Emmet County Veterans Affairs Duties
The commission maintains an office on the ground floor of the courthouse. Office hours are 8:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday or any time with prior coordination. As the office is normally very busy, appointments are appreciated, please call 712-362-7431.
The Emmet County Veterans Affairs Commissioners are:
  • Gene Haukoos, Estherville
  • Warren Evans, Estherville
  • Everett Schirm, Armstrong

More Information

  • D.A.V. Van Information

    The van provides transportation without cost to all able bodied veterans using the VA Medical Center, Sioux Falls. The VA Medical Center pays for all van expenses. Veterans riding the van determine the schedule.

    All questions about scheduling the van should be referred to the Emmet County VA Office at 712-362-7431 or the DAV Transportation Coordinator at the VA Medical Center at 800-316-8387 EXT 96551. John Huntington currently fills this position. Veterans are encouraged to call as far in advance of their appointments as possible to insure the van can be scheduled when needed.

    Pickup points are HyVee, Spirit Lake, Stan's Corner, Lake Park, Pronto, Sibley, and Casey, Rock Rapids. Veterans wishing to ride the van will be picked up at one of these four locations. The time of pickup will be based upon the earliest appointment the day of the trip. The van will not be able to wait at pickup points. If a veteran is not waiting when the van arrives the driver will assume the veteran no longer needs a ride that day.

    The veteran must be ambulatory and able to enter and exit the van on his/her own. The drivers are volunteers and are neither trained nor allowed to assist. If desired, an additional step is available which can be placed on the ground to ease with entry and exit of the van. Per direction of DAV, this van was not equipped for handicapped veterans.

    Drinking any beverage, use of tobacco products, foul language and eating are not allowed on the van. Weapons and any illegal products are prohibited. The driver may refuse transportation to any veteran who appears intoxicated, is abusive or may pose a threat to the driver or any other passenger.

    Passengers must wear seat belts at all times. Anyone refusing to buckle-up will be denied transportation.

    Individuals other than a veteran with an appointment or veteran may be permitted to ride the van with the veteran only if that individual's presence is required to assist the veteran; prior notification of this is required. The veteran must be ready to leave when the van departs the medical center.

    Only articles small enough to be held on the veterans lap or put under the seat may be transported on the van. The driver may not assist with loading or unloading.

    The driver may refuse to transport any veteran whom he feels is too ill to ride the van, or the driver may request a written statement from a VA physician stating it is permissible for the veteran to travel.

    Veterans using the van will not be eligible or receive reimbursement for travel expenses as they rode the van without expense.

    During inclement weather, the driver will decide whether or not he/she feels it is safe to travel. If the driver feels the trip would be unsafe he/she will notify those riding the van through a cancellation notice on both KICD and KUOO radio stations. The cancellation notice will read The DAV van from Sprit Lake to Sioux Falls VA Medical Center has been canceled for today. Veterans scheduled to ride the van should call the VA for a new appointment.

  • VA Phone Directory

    VA Regional Office - Des Moines 800-827-1000
    VA Medical Center - Sioux Falls 800-316-8387
    • Schedule DAV VAN • Ext. 6551
    Spirit Lake Clinic 712-336-6400
    VA Medical Center - Omaha 402-346-8800
    VA Medical Center - Des Moines 800-294-8387
    VA Medical Center - Iowa City 800-637-0128
    VA Medical Center - Minneapolis 612-725-2000
    VA Medical Center - Knoxville 800-816-8878
    VA Direct Deposit 877-838-2778
    VA Pension Center 877-294-6380
    VA Debt Management Center - St. Paul 800-827-0648
    VA Home Loan Center - Winston-Salem 888-244-6711
    VA Mammography Help Line 888-492-7844
    VA Insurance Center - Philadelphia 800-669-8477
    VA Educational Loans (GI Bill) 888-442-4551
    VA TDD 800-829-4833
    CHAMPVA - Denver 800-733-8387
    Persian Gulf/Agent Orange Hotline 800-749-8387
    The American Legion 800-944-2039
    Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA) 800-410-7584
    Disabled American Veterans (DAV) 515-323-7539
    Paralyzed Veterans of America (PAV) 800-795-3602
    Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) 515-323-7546
    Iowa Department of Veteran Affairs 800-838-4692
    Iowa Veterans Home - Marshalltown 800-645-4591
    Elder Bridge - Spencer 800-242-5033
    Iowa Dental Association 800-828-2181
    Red Cross of Iowa 800-887-2988
    Red Cross - Spencer Office 888-292-1574
    Upper Des Moines Opportunity 800-245-6151
    UDMO - Estherville Office 712-362-7431
    DEERS 800-538-9552
    National Mail Order Pharmacy 800-903-4680
    TRICARE 888-874-9378
    Defense Finance and Accounting Service 800-321-1080
    Casualty Notification 800-712-5000
    U.S. Coast Guard Pay and Personnel Center 800-772-8724
    POW Hotline 800-821-8139
    Medicare Hotline 800-638-6833
    Social Security Administration 800-772-1213
    Social Security - Spencer Office 712-262-5350